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FL MRC Basic Volunteer Contact Form

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Steps to join the FL MRC Network

1. Complete and submit the FL MRC Basic Contact Form to join the FL MRC Network.

2. Locate the closest local FL MRC Unit and FL MRC Coordinator in your area.

3. Review and complete the FL MRC Volunteer required trainings and paperwork.

4. Once you have completed all of the FL MRC Volunteer requirements, your contact information will be added to the Florida Department of Health’s Alerting & Notification System (State ESAR-VHP Responder Registry – Everbridge SERVFL Application).

Note : A background check will be conducted at the local level.

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Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need assistance with completing this form. Once you have submitted your FL MRC Basic Contact Form, you will be contacted by your Local MRC Coordinator.

Jeanine Posey, R.N.,B.S.N
Technical Assistance & Support Supervisor, Community Preparedness
Bureau of Preparedness and Response
Division of Emergency Preparedness and Community Support
Florida Department of Health
850-245-4444 x 3698 or 850-274-9596 Cell
Email: Jeanine.Posey@flhealth.gov

Mission of the Department of Health:
To protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

Vision statement: Healthiest State in the Nation

Values: (ICARE)
Innovation: We search for creative solutions and manage resources wisely.
Collaboration: We use teamwork to achieve common goals & solve problems.
Accountability: We perform with integrity & respect.
Responsiveness: We achieve our mission by serving our customers & engaging our partners.
Excellence: We promote quality outcomes through learning & continuous performance improvement.

PLEASE NOTE: Florida has a very broad public records law. Most written communications to or from state officials regarding state business are public records available to the public and media upon request. Your email communications may therefore be subject to disclosure